Dear Members

With the entries for the July Print and Digital competitions due in by 11.59pm tonight (21st June), I would like to remind members of the Competition Rules. These can be found on the Club website; from the Home page, click on the “Members Resources” tab on the right, and from the list of documents available click on “The Competition Rules Updated”. These can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button.

I would like to draw your attention to and clarify the rules regarding re-entry of images into the competitions. The rules state:

Re-entry of photographs: If a photograph does not receive an award (1st, 2nd, 3rd or Highly Commended) in any monthly competition that photograph may be re-entered again in future monthly competitions as many times as the entrant wishes. Once a photograph does receive an award it cannot be re-entered again into the same section of any future monthly competitions. The same photograph may be entered into all competitions, Digital, Colour Print and Monochrome Print, however it is suggested that this not be done all in the same month.

So once an image has received an award in any section it can never again be entered in that section. Please be aware of this and when entering “oldies but goodies”, please check that they haven’t previously received an award in that section even if it was a few years ago.

Thank you and good luck in the July competition.

Barbara Blades, President