In my April 2020 President’s Report I announced a new monthly photography competition for Club Members which should be fun and interactive, the Mobile Phone Photography Challenge. We’ve all heard that the best camera you have is the one you have with you and sometimes that is the camera in our mobile phone. So now we have a competition specifically for mobile phone photography. The winner will be People’s Choice. And there is a prize! Thanks to our Patron, John Ralph!

This will be a monthly competition and the deadline for the first Challenge is 11.59pm on 1st May. Each month there will be a new Set Subject. For the first Challenge the Set Subject is “In My Garden”, so get out and explore what’s in your garden; you may be surprised what you find. You may be able to get an angle on an ordinary object to make it look extraordinary. If you don’t have a garden, pot plants, wildlife visiting your balcony, your aquarium and such like are acceptable. Use your photographer’s eye and imagination.

The rules for the Challenge are set out below and will be made available in Members Resources shortly. So good luck. Have fun entering and remember to vote.

TECC Mobile Phone Photography Challenge 2020

Rules for Entry

  1. To enter you must be a member of The Entrance Camera Club
  2. One entry per member per Challenge is allowed
  3. All images must be taken by the member entering them.
  4. All images entered into the Challenge must be taken using the camera of a mobile phone.
  5. Mobile phone camera attachments can be used.
  6. Image processing using an in-smartphone app is allowed.
  7. Images may be resized only using a computer external to the originating mobile phone.
  8. To be a valid entry, the image must meet the definition of the Set Subject for that month which will be circulated to members at least 2 weeks before the close of entries.
  9. Entries are to be submitted through TECC MyPhotoClub competition portal.
  10. For submission, the maximum image size is 1920px horizontal and 1200px vertical and must be less than 2MB. The name given to the image must be 35 or less characters in length.
  11. Images must be entered by the close of competition.  Close of competition will be at 11.59pm on the Friday before the Club meeting. This will be set in TECC MyPhotoClub Competition site. A reminder that entries will soon be closing will be emailed to all members.
  12. There will be one Challenge each month from May till November 2020.

Competition Judging

  1. The winner of each month’s Challenge will be a People’s Choice award to be decided by the vote of TECC members.
  2. All members of TECC will be invited to judge the Challenge entries each month.
  3. Judging will be done online in the MyPhotoClub Competition portal.
  4. A reminder to all members that voting has opened will be sent out by email.
  5. Members will be able to vote up until 11.59pm on the Thursday night before the Club meeting.
  6. For a member’s votes to be valid, they must score every image in the competition.
  7. You must score your own image as well, however the system will replace the score you have chosen with an average from the other scorers.
  8. Scores between 1 and 9 must be given, with 1 being the lowest score and 9 being the highest score.
  9. The image with the highest total score will win.
  10. When voting, suggested things to take into account are: relevance to the set subject, originality, composition, do you connect to the image, does it evoke an emotional response in you or give you a sense of place, does it have the wow-factor. Superior technical prowess or image manipulation is not a necessary factor.

Challenge Prize

  1. Challenge winners will receive a Certificate and Voucher from John Ralph’s Camera House, Erina, for an up to 12” x 8” print.