Dear Members

We hope you enjoyed our first competition get-together last Friday night. The new three Grades system seems to work well.

Due to the developing COVID-19 pandemic, we are all being advised to practise social distancing, and many will be self-isolating due to their risk of developing severe symptoms if they do  become infected.  As we are sure you are aware the Government has advised against unnecessary group meetings in enclosed spaces.

The Club Committee takes the issue of COVID-19 and our duty of care to our members very seriously. We are also aware of the need to keep the Club functioning in an acceptable form that keeps the members engaged during this difficult time.

We realise we need to be flexible and creative with our solution to this problem and we are fortunate that the MyPhotoClub website allows us to continue to have competitions, access to information and training, and to interact online.

To address these issues and to keep our Club functioning and members motivated, the Committee has decided that: 

1. Club Monthly Meetings will be suspended until further notice.  This decision will be reviewed on a monthly basis. The Committee will keep up-to-date on the latest advice and directives from the government and medical authorities.

2. At this stage our April and May meetings will not be held.

3. Monthly competitions will all be digital competitions until the end of the year. 

4. There will be no change to the monthly Digital competition, open to all grades with a set subject every second month; please submit your digital images as you normally do.

5. The graded Print competitions, both Colour and Monochrome, will be judged digitally, in the same format as the Digital competition. There will be no need to print images for these competitions, just submit your digital versions of your entries as you normally do.

6. Images that receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd and HC awards in these Colour and Monochrome “Print” competitions will need to be printed for PADOTY in December.  So no need to print anything for the next few months, though you may want to print them when you get the awards to avoid the last minute rush.

7. We are planning to introduce a new monthly Mobile Phone Photography Competition on MyPhotoClub.  This will be separate to our other competitions and will be judged by the members.  The winner will win the Member’s Choice Award and will receive a voucher for an up-to 8” x 12” print, donated by John Ralph’s Camera Store.  We feel that this will be fun, and hopefully attract new members to our Club. We aim to have this up and running by May.

8. Educational and training documents and clips will be uploaded to Members’ Resources. Camera and photography skills and Photoshop and Lightroom tips will be included.

9. MyPhotoClub has a “Critique Corner” section, which we have not yet set up for use. If members are interested, we can activate this. It aims to help members to fine-tune potential entries by gaining feedback from other members before the image is entered into a competition. The Critique Corner is accessible from the Members page (use the grey Members button) and there is a demo video on how to use it.

If you have any questions or feedback on these new measures or if “Critique Corner” interests you, please contact Barbara Blades at ​

Stay well and maintain communication with each other.