Welcome to The Entrance Camera Club Incorporated.

We are a group of enthusiastic photographers situated on the Central Coast of NSW.

The club was formed on November 27th, 1959. Members comprise people from all backgrounds, retired people, younger people, photographers who began with film and in the darkroom, some who have started photography in the digital age, expert award winning photographers and new photographers who have just purchased their first camera.

A passion for photography is the common interest. The Entrance Camera Club Inc. is affiliated with The Federation of Camera Clubs (N.S.W) Inc.

Our Monthly Club meeting is held at the CWA Hall, 1 Pacific Street, Long Jetty, on the second Friday evening of each month, (except January & December) at 7.00pm viewing for a 7.30pm start. At the meeting, digital and printed images are critiqued, judged and awarded. The printed photographs are displayed around the room, so that after the formal part of the meeting, members may view and discuss the entries.

Each Friday morning a group of club members have a photo walk locally usually followed by coffee. These outings are are good way to meet members and to discuss photo ideas, techniques and equipment.


The Monthly Competitions form the basis of the club. The critiquing, subsequent discussions with the judges and other members are all great ways to learn new photographic techniques which you can then try yourself the next time the opportunity arises.

The Large Print competitions in both Monochrome & Colour are divided into three Grades, B Grade, A Grade and Advanced. This is aimed to assist our new photographers and challenge our most experienced members. B Grade is for our newer as well as less experienced members. A Grade is for our more experienced photographers, While Advanced caters for our most experienced members. In this way it is hoped all our members are competing on a more level basis, while still seeing the images and hearing the judges’ comments for all grades. Our Digital Image competition is a single Non-Graded competition open to all members.

Our “Print and Digital Image Of The Year” Awards Night is the Grand Finale of the Club’s year, held in place of the December meeting. The awards are presented to the winners of the monthly pointscore competitions and for Image Of The Year in each section. A spectacular display of the winning works of the club members throughout the year is the centre piece of the night. Three additional special competitions are also held at the awards night, The Hilton Chalmers Memorial Trophy for the Nature Digital Image Set of the Year, The Nature Print Set of the Year and the Ace’m Creative Print Set of the Year.

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7:00 pm Club Monthly Meeting – BY ZOOM u...
Club Monthly Meeting – BY ZOOM u...
Nov 13 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Club Meeting is held on the second Friday evening of each month,(except January) 7.00pm viewing for an 7.30pm start. At the meeting images which have been submitted for the competitions are critiqued, judged and awarded.[...]
7:00 pm Print (Digital) & Digital Image ...
Print (Digital) & Digital Image ...
Dec 11 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Unfortunately, Due to Covid-19 restrictions and following guidelines from the NSW Dept of Education the Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College has advised that no community use of the Dolphin Theatre (OUR USUAL VENUE) will be available[...]

Rules regarding re-submission of images in monthly competitions

Dear Members

With the entries for the July Print and Digital competitions due in by 11.59pm tonight (21st June), I would like to remind members of the Competition Rules. These can be found on the Club website; from the Home page, click on the “Members Resources” tab on the right, and from the list of documents available click on “The Competition Rules Updated”. These can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button.

I would like to draw your attention to and clarify the rules regarding re-entry of images into the competitions. The rules state:

Re-entry of photographs: If a photograph does not receive an award (1st, 2nd, 3rd or Highly Commended) in any monthly competition that photograph may be re-entered again in future monthly competitions as many times as the entrant wishes. Once a photograph does receive an award it cannot be re-entered again into the same section of any future monthly competitions. The same photograph may be entered into all competitions, Digital, Colour Print and Monochrome Print, however it is suggested that this not be done all in the same month.

So once an image has received an award in any section it can never again be entered in that section. Please be aware of this and when entering “oldies but goodies”, please check that they haven’t previously received an award in that section even if it was a few years ago.

Thank you and good luck in the July competition.

Barbara Blades, President

by Barbara Blades, June 21, 2020

TECC Mobile Phone Photography Challenge 2020

In my April 2020 President’s Report I announced a new monthly photography competition for Club Members which should be fun and interactive, the Mobile Phone Photography Challenge. We’ve all heard that the best camera you have is the one you have with you and sometimes that is the camera in our mobile phone. So now we have a competition specifically for mobile phone photography. The winner will be People’s Choice. And there is a prize! Thanks to our Patron, John Ralph!

This will be a monthly competition and the deadline for the first Challenge is 11.59pm on 1st May. Each month there will be a new Set Subject. For the first Challenge the Set Subject is “In My Garden”, so get out and explore what’s in your garden; you may be surprised what you find. You may be able to get an angle on an ordinary object to make it look extraordinary. If you don’t have a garden, pot plants, wildlife visiting your balcony, your aquarium and such like are acceptable. Use your photographer’s eye and imagination.

The rules for the Challenge are set out below and will be made available in Members Resources shortly. So good luck. Have fun entering and remember to vote.

TECC Mobile Phone Photography Challenge 2020

Rules for Entry

  1. To enter you must be a member of The Entrance Camera Club
  2. One entry per member per Challenge is allowed
  3. All images must be taken by the member entering them.
  4. All images entered into the Challenge must be taken using the camera of a mobile phone.
  5. Mobile phone camera attachments can be used.
  6. Image processing using an in-smartphone app is allowed.
  7. Images may be resized only using a computer external to the originating mobile phone.
  8. To be a valid entry, the image must meet the definition of the Set Subject for that month which will be circulated to members at least 2 weeks before the close of entries.
  9. Entries are to be submitted through TECC MyPhotoClub competition portal.
  10. For submission, the maximum image size is 1920px horizontal and 1200px vertical and must be less than 2MB. The name given to the image must be 35 or less characters in length.
  11. Images must be entered by the close of competition.  Close of competition will be at 11.59pm on the Friday before the Club meeting. This will be set in TECC MyPhotoClub Competition site. A reminder that entries will soon be closing will be emailed to all members.
  12. There will be one Challenge each month from May till November 2020.

Competition Judging

  1. The winner of each month’s Challenge will be a People’s Choice award to be decided by the vote of TECC members.
  2. All members of TECC will be invited to judge the Challenge entries each month.
  3. Judging will be done online in the MyPhotoClub Competition portal.
  4. A reminder to all members that voting has opened will be sent out by email.
  5. Members will be able to vote up until 11.59pm on the Thursday night before the Club meeting.
  6. For a member’s votes to be valid, they must score every image in the competition.
  7. You must score your own image as well, however the system will replace the score you have chosen with an average from the other scorers.
  8. Scores between 1 and 9 must be given, with 1 being the lowest score and 9 being the highest score.
  9. The image with the highest total score will win.
  10. When voting, suggested things to take into account are: relevance to the set subject, originality, composition, do you connect to the image, does it evoke an emotional response in you or give you a sense of place, does it have the wow-factor. Superior technical prowess or image manipulation is not a necessary factor.

Challenge Prize

  1. Challenge winners will receive a Certificate and Voucher from John Ralph’s Camera House, Erina, for an up to 12” x 8” print.

by Barbara Blades, April 17, 2020

President’s Report – April 2020

I hope you are all coping with the present requirements of social-distancing, isolating at home, and not going out except for essential reasons such as to buy food, to exercise, for medical appointments and, for those not retired, to go to work or possibly school. Despite this I hope you are all keeping in contact with family and friends by phone or via apps such as Zoom or HouseParty. Many of us connect via Facebook. We are lucky to have so many ways to stay connected. The Club Committee has started meeting via Zoom. This is a great way to hold meetings and to actually see people. Today Arthur’s Friday Walk Group met up online via Zoom and this was a great success, though we still miss our walks and having coffee together afterwards. It was a good information sharing event. New member, John Paterson, joined in and it was good to meet him. Welcome John. These Group meetings will be held every Friday, so join in.

I, and other members of the Committee, have been very busy working on ways to keep the Club active and members engaged during these challenging times. There are several new activities I need to update you on.

  1. Zoom Club meetings: To help maintain normal Club function we will be moving to Zoom meetings for our monthly Club meetings. We will be holding our first Club meeting via Zoom on 8 May. I will send out a separate notice explaining this. You will receive further information about this as we get closer to the Meeting. Zoom meetings have been very successful for other Camera Clubs.
  2. Critique Corner: This is a new section we have activated in the Members section of our MyPhotoClub website. You can upload a maximum of 2 images for critique by other members in each of the Sections: Colour, Monochrome, Nature and Creative. This is helpful to get feedback on an image before entering it in a Club or external competition. On our website, click on MEMBERS then click on the blue CRITIQUE CORNER button on the left under MEMBERS PAGE. This will take you to a page where the function of Critique Corner is explained, where you can upload images, where you can access uploaded images to critique and where you can subscribe to Critique Corner notifications so that you will know when images are there for critiquing.  I encourage members to explore this new section and to use it both to get feedback on your own images and, particularly for the more experienced members, to provide helpful critique for other members.
  3. Mobile Phone Photography Challenge: In time for the May Meeting we have a new monthly photography competition for Club Members which should be fun and interactive. And there is a prize! All images entered must be taken using a mobile phone camera. The winner will be the People’s Choice with all members eligible to vote. With the present stay-at-home directives, the first Set Subject is “In my Garden”. For those without a garden, we extend it to your pot plants, birds visiting your balcony, your aquarium, etc. Enter through the Club competition portal. Members are limited to one image per monthly competition. For May, the entries must be in by 11.59pm 1 May. Voting will start on 2 May and finish at 11.59pm 7 May.  I will circulate the rules in a separate post.

The April edition of the FCC (NSW) newsletter, F/Stop, is a good one with lots of information and suggestions on things to do in isolation and while social-distancing. So, give it a read.  It also has information on TopShot 2020.  This year’s competition is Digital only. Entries close 8 May so start going through your images for potential winners and get them in.

Please keep safe and well but stay connected.

Barbara Blades

by Barbara Blades, April 17, 2020

Background on our May judges

Now that we are letting everyone know who the judges will be each month, I will now be providing some background information on the judges, regarding their photographic interests, when available.

Our May judges are Brad Le Brocque for “Prints” and Barbara Bryan for “Digital”. You can find information they have kindly provided in Members Resources. I found the information interesting and I hope you do too.

by Barbara Blades, April 3, 2020

The Response of TECC to the COVID-19 Crisis – Suspension of Monthly Meetings, all Competitions go digital and other innovations

Dear Members

We hope you enjoyed our first competition get-together last Friday night. The new three Grades system seems to work well.

Due to the developing COVID-19 pandemic, we are all being advised to practise social distancing, and many will be self-isolating due to their risk of developing severe symptoms if they do  become infected.  As we are sure you are aware the Government has advised against unnecessary group meetings in enclosed spaces.

The Club Committee takes the issue of COVID-19 and our duty of care to our members very seriously. We are also aware of the need to keep the Club functioning in an acceptable form that keeps the members engaged during this difficult time.

We realise we need to be flexible and creative with our solution to this problem and we are fortunate that the MyPhotoClub website allows us to continue to have competitions, access to information and training, and to interact online.

To address these issues and to keep our Club functioning and members motivated, the Committee has decided that: 

1. Club Monthly Meetings will be suspended until further notice.  This decision will be reviewed on a monthly basis. The Committee will keep up-to-date on the latest advice and directives from the government and medical authorities.

2. At this stage our April and May meetings will not be held.

3. Monthly competitions will all be digital competitions until the end of the year. 

4. There will be no change to the monthly Digital competition, open to all grades with a set subject every second month; please submit your digital images as you normally do.

5. The graded Print competitions, both Colour and Monochrome, will be judged digitally, in the same format as the Digital competition. There will be no need to print images for these competitions, just submit your digital versions of your entries as you normally do.

6. Images that receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd and HC awards in these Colour and Monochrome “Print” competitions will need to be printed for PADOTY in December.  So no need to print anything for the next few months, though you may want to print them when you get the awards to avoid the last minute rush.

7. We are planning to introduce a new monthly Mobile Phone Photography Competition on MyPhotoClub.  This will be separate to our other competitions and will be judged by the members.  The winner will win the Member’s Choice Award and will receive a voucher for an up-to 8” x 12” print, donated by John Ralph’s Camera Store.  We feel that this will be fun, and hopefully attract new members to our Club. We aim to have this up and running by May.

8. Educational and training documents and clips will be uploaded to Members’ Resources. Camera and photography skills and Photoshop and Lightroom tips will be included.

9. MyPhotoClub has a “Critique Corner” section, which we have not yet set up for use. If members are interested, we can activate this. It aims to help members to fine-tune potential entries by gaining feedback from other members before the image is entered into a competition. The Critique Corner is accessible from the Members page (use the grey Members button) and there is a demo video on how to use it.

If you have any questions or feedback on these new measures or if “Critique Corner” interests you, please contact Barbara Blades at ​presidententrancecameraclub@gmail.com

Stay well and maintain communication with each other.


by Barbara Blades, March 18, 2020

March Meeting and COVID-19

Hi Members

Our March meeting is tomorrow night, Friday, 13th March. It will be our first Large Prints  competition for the year and I, for one, am looking forward to it. It will be exciting to see the Advanced group battling it out, the A-Graders sorting themselves out and the B-Graders, with many new members, showing us their skill and talent.  The Digital Competition is always good with all grades competing.

As President, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up the topic of COVID-19.  I am not fearmongering, but it is an issue we will have to be aware of as we meet as a large group. Most of us are in the age group that is most at risk of developing severe illness if infected with this coronavirus. For this reason, we need to be aware of the steps to take to protect ourselves against infection and to prevent the spread of the virus, especially if we intend to meet as a group during this pandemic.

If you have any cold or flu symptoms, it is recommended that you don’t attend our meetings. This is because, if it turns out you are infected with COVID-19, the virus is most likely spread through close contact with an infectious person, through contact with droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze, and through touching objects or surfaces that have been coughed or sneezed on by an infected person then touching your mouth or face.

As we serve supper at the end of the night, I recommend that we all wash our hands (there are toilets in the hall) or clean our hands with a hand sanitizer before eating or preparing the food. Close contact with others should be avoided (touching, handshakes). If you do need to cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, and thoughtfully dispose of the tissue. This is just all good hygiene and will prevent the spread of most infections, not just COVID-19.

Don’t be afraid to come to our meeting. At the moment, to my knowledge, there are no cases of COVID-19 reported on the Central Coast; so, at this stage infection risk is low. We are all intelligent and practical people and we care about each other. We just need to do as recommended by the medical authorities and reduce the risk of infection and the spread of infection.

See you all tomorrow night.


Barbara Blades, President

by Barbara Blades, March 12, 2020

Judges for March, April and May Large Prints and Digital Competitions

I have been approached by several members requesting that the names of the judges for our monthly competitions be released before the deadline for entries. This is common practice in most other clubs.

The Committee has decided that this is a good idea and in future all members will be notified of who the judges will be ahead of the deadlines. This information will be sent out by email and available in Members’ Resources.

To give you plenty of warning for the next 3 meetings, the judges for the March , April and May are:

March: Digital Judge: Jill Helps; Prints Judge: Jeff Akers

April: Digital Judge: Jason Pang; Prints Judge: Michelle Kennedy

May: Digital Judge: Barbara Bryan; Prints Judge: Brad Le Brocque

The meeting dates and entry deadlines can be found in Members’ Resources.

We hope this information is useful to many members.

– Barbara Blades, President

by Barbara Blades, March 3, 2020

Table of Meeting and Competition dates for 2020

Hi everyone,

The table of meeting dates and deadline dates for 2020 competition for The Entrance Camera Club has now been uploaded to Members Resources. You can download and print this table out and keep it somewhere prominent or just enter all the dates in your calendar, whatever suits you.

Note that April and November meeting dates are the first Friday of the month rather than the usual second Friday of the month. The deadline dates for PADOTY (11 December) will be circulated closer to the event. At this stage it looks like all prints for PADOTY will have to be in by the November meeting , 6 November.

I’m looking forward to seeing all your images this year. I hope it will be an exciting and rewarding competition for everyone.


by Barbara Blades, February 23, 2020

We’re in Hansard

Following his attendance at the morning tea at our 60th Anniversary Photographic Exhibition, David Mehan MP, Member for The Entrance, spoke in the NSW Parliament about the event. He is very interested in photography and really enjoyed the exhibition. He purchased one of Grace Bryant’s images from the exhibition.

David Mehan organised for his office to send us a copy of his speech and I am pleased to share it with you.

David Mehan’s speech as recorded in NSW Parliament LA Hansard

by Barbara Blades, December 2, 2019

Results for competitions in 2019 June – PRINTS

There were 36 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Michelle Alcorn – Highly Commended
B Grade Open Mono Large Print

Soelast Soelastijono – Third
B Grade Open Mono Large Print

Catriona O’Brien – First
B Grade Open Mono Large Print

Catriona O’Brien – Highly Commended
B Grade Open Mono Large Print

Jane Borg – Second
B Grade Open Mono Large Print

Jane Borg – Highly Commended
B Grade Open Mono Large Print

Arthur Roy – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

Arthur Roy – Second
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

Clyde Melrose – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

John Newton – Second
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

Trung Cang Nguyen – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

John Bennett – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

Peter Stanley – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

Peter O’Brien – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

Peter O’Brien – Third
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

Carol Barry – First
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

Moira Taylor – First
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

Fiona Lambell – Third
A Grade Open Mono Large Print

William (Bill) Lancaster – First
B Grade Open Colour Large Print

Soelast Soelastijono – Highly Commended
B Grade Open Colour Large Print

John Taylor – Highly Commended
B Grade Open Colour Large Print

John Taylor – Highly Commended
B Grade Open Colour Large Print

Catriona O’Brien – Second
B Grade Open Colour Large Print

Jane Borg – Third
B Grade Open Colour Large Print

Leonie Edwards – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

Ted Baker – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

Arthur Roy – First
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

John Newton – Third
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

John Newton – Third
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

Peter Stanley – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

Peter O’Brien – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

Grace Bryant – Second
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

Carol Barry – First
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

Carol Barry – Second
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

Moira Taylor – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

Fiona Lambell – Highly Commended
A Grade Open Colour Large Print

by Barbara Blades, June 15, 2019